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Using Our Service


It is necessary for Helping Hands of Glenview to request each person using our volunteer transportation services to complete the attached release form. Once we receive the signed release form, it will remain on file for any further requests for service that you may have. THERE IS NO FEE FOR OUR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES.

Please complete and return the form as soon as possible. We look forward to assisting you in the future.

If you qualify for handicapped parking and have a card which can be placed on the dashboard or stuck in the rear window, please bring it with you when you use our services, as that is the only way our drivers would be allowed to use the handicapped parking spaces. If you do not have a card please apply for one. Check with your Township office for more information on how to obtain a “handicapped parking” card. (Northfield Township phone number 847-724-8300).

Request for Transportation
(Please remember we need at least one week notice)

  1. Client calls our voice mail system 847-729-8181. After the recorded message and beep, gives their name, telephone number, date and time the service is needed and destination. Please speak slowly and clearly.
  2. Our phone coordinator checks for messages once a day Monday through Friday.
  3. Phone coordinator will then make calls to our volunteer drivers to find transportation for the client. (Sometimes it takes several days to reach an available driver.)
  4. Volunteer driver will then call the client to confirm date and time for picking up the client. Please mark down driver’s name.
  5. For cancellations or changes, please call 847-729-8181 as soon as possible. Give your name, date and time of appointment and the driver’ name. The phone coordinator will then notify the volunteer driver of the changes.

Client Release Form (PDF)


Helping Hands of Glenview
C/O Glenview Senior Center
2400 Chestnut Ave
Glenview, Illinois 60026
(847) 729-8181

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